Thursday, 29 January 2009

Smoking Fez Monkey part 5

This is a close up of the table on the left side of the image. The top image is how it appeared after the final render in Bryce, the bottom image shows the details I added later in Photoshop.

I was not really happy with the wood grain that was rendered in Bryce, so I used a photograph of some pine to make a new texture for the table. I painted in a little dent in the edge of the table. I also decided I needed to add some ice cubes in the glass of gin. The gin bottle is based on Bombay Saphire London Dry Gin. The gorilla is from an old engraving. You can also see there is some texture on the wall as well.

Oh, and of course there is a Planet of the Apes comic book ;)

Smoking Fez Monkey part 4

As the slow process of building the scene progresses, I make many little test renders. Here's one of the monkey with his new chair. The smoke from the cigarette is the only element with curves.

Smoking Fez Monkey part 3

Above is the Blocky Fez Monkey scene with the textures mapped onto the images. This is just a a preview, not an actual render of the scene, but it is starting to come to life a bit. At first I had a bunch of Elvis Presley singles on the floor, but I later replaced them with different bands. There is a repeating banana pattern on the easy chair and a gorilla on the the gin bottle label. That's when I decided to really go for the monkey and ape references. Pretty much everything in the room has something to do with apes and monkeys. I'll post a series of close ups along with the final render so you can see the details.

Smoking Fez Monkey part 2

I took my blocky, curve-free, fez monkey model and built a blocky, curve free living room for him. Then I started building blocky props and other details. I decided to have the monkey playing along with a record. I really enjoyed constructing the 1950's style record player. The Monkey seemed a bit lonely, so I made a little penguin friend him. Then I took the penguin out, deciding that I like it better without it. Then I put it back in... and then out agasin. This went on for a couple of days. Finally I decided the penguin stays. As I was was waffleing over the penguin I continued constructing objects to filll the room. In the end, I think the curve-free lava lamp is the coolest, especially when the lighting is added in the final stage.

Above is a wire frame view of the scene, and below that is a flat shaded view showing how the lighting will fall.The next stage is adding textures.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Smoking Fez Monkey (test preview)

I am working on a new 3D image using my "blocky", curve-free style of 3D modeling. I have taken the Fez Monkey I used in my "Blocky Monkey Blowing Bubbles" image and made some changes. I'm also in the process of building his living room and props for the scene. It's slow going as I keep changing things around. This is a test render (without colours or trxtures) of the monkey playing his ukulele.