Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rock Throwing Chimp.

So there was this story in the news a couple weeks back about a chimp in Sweden who appears to be demonstrating his ability to plan ahead by stockpiling rocks that he later uses to throw at human visitors to the zoo.

Nell and I were both quite taken by this story, and we joked that this might be a good strategy for anyone who works in an office to ward off unwanted interactions with colleagues. This is what inspired me to buy a toy chimpanzee, gather a few pebbles, and glue this together for Nell's desk.


Cassette Tape Lamp Take 2

While the hot glue gun allowed me to assemble the first cassette lamp very quickly (see previous post), in the end it was quite fragile and it fell apart. But since it turned out pretty cool, I think it's worth taking another run at it.

I've been testing a couple of different glues. They dry much slower, and so I have to use clamps and let them set over night, so it's slow going. I've make a simple jig to hold three cassettes together using scrap wood and a couple clamps. I had enough clamps to make 4 jigs. So it will take a few days just to get enough cassettes glued together to make the sides of the lamp. Then I will have to think of another set up to glue the sides together. I have some 90 degree corner clamps that will likely come in very handy.