Thursday, 29 January 2009

Smoking Fez Monkey part 2

I took my blocky, curve-free, fez monkey model and built a blocky, curve free living room for him. Then I started building blocky props and other details. I decided to have the monkey playing along with a record. I really enjoyed constructing the 1950's style record player. The Monkey seemed a bit lonely, so I made a little penguin friend him. Then I took the penguin out, deciding that I like it better without it. Then I put it back in... and then out agasin. This went on for a couple of days. Finally I decided the penguin stays. As I was was waffleing over the penguin I continued constructing objects to filll the room. In the end, I think the curve-free lava lamp is the coolest, especially when the lighting is added in the final stage.

Above is a wire frame view of the scene, and below that is a flat shaded view showing how the lighting will fall.The next stage is adding textures.

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