Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Let's Celebrate Zombie Valentine's Day!

I was one of a group of artists commissioned to create custom Valentines. The crazy folks at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax took orders from custom made Valetines from the public. The orders came with notes about the people for whom they were being created. One person's interests included "exploring abandoned houses" and "zombie movies." I had great fun making this zombie Valentine. Once again I used my chunky, blocky, no-curves style of 3D construction.

This morning over coffee Nell and I decided that "Zombie Valentines Day" would make a great holiday! It would fall on Valentine's Day (February 14), but we can promote the zombification of Valentines's Day as a bit of an antidote to all that cutesy, sugary, sweetie-pie kitsch that dominates the day. A quick look on the international-wide-info-web turned up a few Zombie walks and Zombie Pub Crawls happening on Valentine's Day. But I say we take it all the way and let's call it Zombie Valentine's Day! Are you with me?

Join the Zombie Valentine's Day group on Facebook... invite your friends too!

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