Friday, 23 October 2009

Québec à la Pixels part 4

The skating rink is proving harder to get right than I anticipated. I am happy with the proportions, but the position is causing some trouble. I will have to shift it up and to the right. I've been adding some little details, like street lamps, a fire hydrant, a newspaper box, even a little tree in a planter. All this is to avoid the obvious big job: the hotel that is still just a rough outline.

The red lines on the image are various guides I have created to aid in construction. The triangular guide in the lower right corner helps with determining shadow lengths. At the top are two isometric diamond shapes that help with the angles in the buildings. The street, old walls, and gate are set at a different angle, and you can just see some red guide lines in the middle of the image that I use to help get those angles right.

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